No, not unless you really want to. Although it has to be said that all human beings are built to be able to walk, and even run, barefoot. 


           The human foot and ankle contain a total of 26 bones (1/4 of the bones found in the human body), 33 joints, and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. All movement originates from the foot and ankle. By wearing stiff soled shoes the range of motion in your foot is compromised and will therefore directly affect posture and basic functional movement. Luckily for us, in today's fitness industry, we have access to minimalist and barefoot style shoes from several companies. (But we can cover that later)

     The logic for CrossFit Barefoot is simply sound mechanics and natural movement. Athletic shoe companies, traditionally, have designed shoes that encourage heel strike first and natural running second. However, this is beginning to change.  At CrossFit Barefoot our goal is to spread the minimalist movement by educating the community on natural movement patterns to improve the quality of everyday life. (We will teach you to move more like a human being!)

     Our box (slang term for a CrossFit gym) was founded on the ideals of community, sound mechanics, improved mobility, individualized scaling, and most importantly, natural "functional" movements. We use CrossFit to break down exercises to an irreducible level and use them to rebuild your inner athlete from the toe up (we consider everyone an athlete). Through proper mobility and "rehab" style work we help to align our muscles and connective tissues to help correct the imbalances and stresses caused to our bodies by the everyday grind. Through constant variation of organic human movement patterns we bust through plateaus and enter the new era of fitness. Barefoot style training coupled with CrossFit Barefoot's programming will help you achieve the best shape of your life. Naturally!

     At CrossFit Barefoot we realize every individual enters training with varying fitness levels and fitness goals in mind. While our goal is for every individual to join the community in our group classes, we have a variety of programs to get you there. In addition to the classic CrossFit classes we offer Private and Semi Private training upon request.