Nicholas Boehmke

Owner | Head Coach


• CrossFit Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2)

• USA Weightlifting Sport Performance

• CrossFit Gymnastics Certificate (2015)

• CrossFit Mobility Certificate (2013)

• CrossFit Endurance Trainer (2013)

My name is Nicholas Boehmke (bem-key) and I am the owner of CrossFit Barefoot. I am a "normal" human being with a passion for helping others live healthier, more fulfilled lives, through proper nutrition and exercise. My passion for CrossFit and "Barefoot" training began while personal training in New York, Los Angeles, and continues here in Nashville. It is a long story that I am more than happy to tell you in person, so just ask!

I began personal training while modeling in New York City in 2008. While there I was able to train a handful of people and help them make better informed decisions so they could change their lives for the best. I quickly realized my passion wasn't in modeling and my stay in New York was short and sweet. I moved back to Nashville in 2009 and began to CrossFit at a local box and personal train on the side while bartending at The Tin Roof (see that's normal). I continued on to Los Angeles to personal train where my passion fully blossomed. I began running trails and training in "Barefoot" shoes while continuing CrossFit on my own. Over the years I had come to hate classic running due to my large stature and what I know now was horrible running technique. I had developed very weak ankles and extremely tight legs muscles from athletic shoes with "extra support." I found that through "barefoot" training and proper mobility that I was able erase these issues and train myself, but most importantly my clientele, smarter and harder. This then translated into healthier and happier clients in and out of the gym.

We all know how difficult it can be to maintain healthy habits, in Nashville especially. I know exactly what obstacles you're facing and I am here to help. Whatever your fitness goals may be I will help you achieve them. I am always around so give me a shout anytime. I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals!

- Nicholas Boehmke, CrossFit Barefoot

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