Class Descriptions and Rates

At CrossFit Barefoot, we provide not only an excellent facility, but also a community of passionate, knowledgeable trainers who ready and able to help you meet your fitness goals. Check out our list of offered programs and descriptions below.

Crossfit Group Classes

CrossFit group classes are at the core of what we do here at CrossFit Barefoot. These classes will help you achieve your goals if you are ready to work hard to achieve them.

  • Each class is led by a certified CrossFit coach.
  • Each class is a one hour long group session consisting of 2-12 athletes.
  • Each new member must attend our Foundations classes before joining Group Classes. Contact us to get started.
  • If you’ve been doing CrossFit at another facility and would like to test out of Foundations, you may schedule a Test-Out. Please contact us to schedule.
  • Group training at CFBF is one of the most motivating and fun experiences you will have exercising!
  • For an updated listing of our daily classes, visit our schedule page.

Power Club Classes

A class consisting of strictly power lifts, bench press, back squats, deadlifts, and all the accessories to make you the strongest you can be.

Personal Training

These one-on-one sessions are perfect if you are seeking a more individualized approach to help you reach your fitness goals. Contact us to get started.

  • $50 per hour - for members
  • $75 per hour - for non-members

Monthly Agreements

At CrossFit Barefoot, we believe the classes offered here are as unique as you are. CrossFit Barefoot can, and will, help you reach the best shape of your life, but while we at CFBF will stand to guide you, this will take the dedication of yourself as well. Therefore, we offer discounts in exchange for your commitment. Take into consideration we are not a "Globo-gym" and we guarantee several things from each class and membership: a certified trainer, a community of friends, confidence building, and a great workout. We expect to see you at the box and don't want your membership sitting on the shelf just as much as you, so we will call you if we haven't seen you!

We offer two standard membership packages: a 3 Class Per Week option, where members can attend any three classes during a given week (Monday-Sunday), as well as an unlimited option for those who want to attend an unlimited number of our group classes.

  • 3 Classes Per Week Membership:
  • $165 Per Month (with 3 Month Commitment)
  • $150 Per Month (with 6 Month Commitment)
  • $135 Per Month (with 12 Month Commitment)
  • Unlimited:
  • $195 Per Month (with 3 Month Commitment)
  • $175 Per Month (with 6 Month Commitment)
  • $160 Per Month (with 12 Month Commitment)

Special Discounts

We also feature special discounts that are limited to one per eligible person. Please contact us for more information on how these discounts will affect your monthly rates. Our current discounts are offered to:

  • Students (must present school ID)
  • Families/Couples (when registered together)
  • Fire, EMT, Police, Active Military personnel

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